Mirage - Some features temporarily affected by Free Day traffic (XP, Training, etc)

  • Developer

    Features affected by high player traffic
    Due to an unexpectedly high player count during our Steam Free-for-a-Day promotion, some game features have been temporarily affected:

    • Training / Tutorial is disabled (we encourage you to read our Beginner Guides instead)
    • Player experience points will not be displayed correctly (will likely show “0” xp), however experience points are being tracked
    • Character Customization and item unlocks may not function correctly or show new unlocks

    We are working to resolve these issues as soon as we can.

    Server Status
    Servers are functioning well. Only around 150 server crashes have been recorded so far in the past 3 days (as of writing). Occasional server crashes may occur (as in any multiplayer game), however our system will automatically reboot those servers. We have bandwidth for more servers than are currently displayed, and will roll out or remove servers to cater for the size of our player base.

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