Another bug report

  • Hello, I freshly come with this huge free deal, thanks torn banner, here are the most annoying bug on my list:

    -As an azerty region keyboard I have to rebind my touch, here everything is alright I got used to it with chivalry but in mirage I can’t use the tactical and personnal VO chat, I can get into the menu but the 1-2-…-10 command doesn’t do anything, I switched to qwerty keyboard in windows for now, but it’s very annoying as I’m not used to this keyboard for typing messages.

    -First the UI language is set with the region keyboard and not with the steam language setup, second your translation is very bad, in french at least and third, we have no option to change the language in the properties while chivalry has the option.

    -I play in third person (yes it’s bad) and the enthropist abilitie “pronged shot” is not going at all where we are aiming so the only option left is “desintegrate”.

    -In chivalry we were able to calibrate the ms between mouse clic, here I always end up with a hit I didn’t intend to.

    Well that’s all, thanks for your great game. Keep doing great job and please think about us third person player some of our animations are lacking compared to first person animations.

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