A Tiny Minority is still ruining Chivalry for the majority to this day

  • Heavens knows why after playing Chivalry 4 days in a row during day times/evening this week
    I note the tiny minority of players still getting away with running about breaking animations,
    face hugging glitching, as they try overhead rohs or side rohs moves with messar/van/maa/archer

    Not one Admin was seen on any of the servers I played on over 4 days at all. numerous players left
    the servers out of disgust at these players over that period. It was exceptionally bad on official ffa server
    number 01 , yesterday the top boys doing this had a clear 23 kill lead over others simply by using glitchs
    freaky extreme rubbish. Logically any normal person could say if you check leader boards on current
    servers where they lead by at least 24-1 then 9 out of 10 times you take a closer look at them and even
    fight them a few times it always confirms they are using nasty exploiting rubbish in every class they use.

    They seem to have such impunity nowdays and confidence that nobody will ban them, yet despite failed
    vote kicks and players asking them to decease they ignore protests and gleefully carry on.

    Problem could be that our actual Euro admins anyway are ranked heavy so asap they join a server
    these experienced basically nastly players cease until they feel the admins have left the server.

    Just from the last 4 days I have at last 9 names of so called players that should be perm banned simply put
    for just bringing nothing but stress and discomfort to chivalry players, lastly they even team up doing this
    stuff as if it impresses folk. My only other suggestion is a new team of low ranked unknown admins
    to spy on them and ban them outright passing info to the admins we have not to enforce recommended
    bans to Torn Banner.

    In that I mean players they the players doing such stuff don’t know . This new team of lower ranked admins
    also would have no name or text color changes which is often an admin giveaway on servers. Clean up Chivalry
    over the next Two months, have a purge and a culling of this nasty minority. Also this would prepare Chivalry
    for its xmas intake of new players and recently ranked 15 players joining the general above rank 15 servers.

    coffee time I best keep this post short tbh

  • It has never been forbidden to do an reverse overhead or other spinning moves. Any votekick attempt for doing these moves will be in their turn an votekick abuse. Please do not do this because you will become the one breaking the rules.

    However if you see someone use a double jump glitch or shield glitch it will be processed as glitching/exploiting which is not allowed. You can report these players using the normal channels.

    Also admins can change their name and logout as admin to hide their identity.

  • Middlemen not needed thanks or advice from some newb on site. Let alone hidden steam profile trolls tbh.

  • @wilt said in A Tiny Minority is still ruining Chivalry for the majority to this day:

    Middlemen not needed thanks or advice from some newb on site. Let alone hidden steam profile trolls tbh.

    The chivalry community that plays on the pc is almost non-existent on this forum. Therefor I mostly reply on the chivalry admin page or the chivalry community page on steam. I have recently come here for Reithur’s call (on steam) to report map bugs (on this forum).

    I do not know why this is relevant but you can find my steam profile here:
    (I temporarily set it to public)

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