Does TB plan to release Mirage on the console tbh.

  • I think this would be quite a good move tbh. It’s a more solid architecture with set parameters so coding should
    be improved as its UT4? It should be an effortless port plus lets not forget a lot of Chivalry old combat exploits
    are gone. It might even turn out better then it did on the pc due to its fixed settings and fov without the need for
    complex game settings on menu’s such as scale, fps uncap, a wealth of settings won’t be needed at all.

  • Developer

    No plans to port Mirage to console.
    It would be more work than you might expect as consoles have strict guidelines on how specific features are implemented, not to mention all the code work we’d need to do so it runs on the hardware. True UE4 has buttons to make your game “support” platforms but that doesn’t mean it’s an effortless process.

  • @killer-crabs That’s unfortunate that Mirage probably won’t make it to console. However, I remember it played fairly smooth on an xbox controller.

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