Possible server issue fix

  • So I am one of the ones that was having issues with the servers not showing, or showing then i try to join, nothing happens and then back to server screen, its blank and internet is dead for about 5 min.
    I made a fix to my modem, and I think it’s good now.
    I went to windows 7 trouble shooter.

    Start>Troubleshooting(Or Find and fix problems if you have category view)
    Selected Network and internet
    Then Incoming connections.
    That told me I had double NAT, so I went into my DSL modem and set it to bridged.
    Have not had a server-esque issue with the game since.

    Hope this helps

    (Yes I know they are putting out a hotfix to address server stuff but this still may help as you can play with Double Nat , but it is not a good idea)

  • how did you set it to bridge?

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