Usage of Arena servers by the community

  • Actually, there are Arena servers, and there is some people that want to “duel” on those. The problem is, there is people that want to play an arena match, and they can’t, because duelers will team-kill, “not help teammates” or even abuse of bugs to vote-kick on Bot Arena servers.

    The root of all of this is that there aren’t duel servers and there isn’t any “protection” on arena servers for normal players.

  • Developer

    You can report abusive players to our Moderators to stop bad behaviour in official servers. Official Arena servers aren’t intended for private duels; we plan to have custom server support available very soon however, so players could feasibly create 1v1 servers if desired or make their own rules on their private servers.

    If you are seeking assistance from a Moderator while playing Mirage, please join our Mirage Discord server and request help in the #Mirage_Official-Moderator-Support channel.

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