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  • Hello,

    i have bought your game recently, and it seems that i can’t join any server, i got a message telling “Loading…”,
    how can i fix it?

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    @noctambulz you probably can’t find a match If you’re using the South America servers, east asia or Australian. Try playing in the Europe server or any north American server as they tend to always have people playing

  • if your on the pc, I’d suggest right click Chivalry in games library > validate local files, it usually finds 4 missing.
    Secondly if you fired up Chivalry as a new user you might have missed the windows firewall dialog box that says
    allow program through firewall is it can be overshadowed by the Chivalry main game screen esp when new players
    tend to try to play with haste. So validate the files, check firewall is allowing Chivalry through, exit steam restart
    then try again it might work quite ok. if you have antivirus plus some form of windows smart screen or aero desktop
    if w7 you can try disabling those. Lastly a program called game booster was about yrs ago that stop unwanted
    windows services to run games better, after exiting gaming it restarts them all again. best of luck tbh.

  • well, i followed all your tips, but seems i still can’t connect to any server. (and its not related to ping it says those servers are at 23ms, i got very good connection), the popup message just shows up with “loading…”, and it makes me wait eternally.

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    Is your router a Thomson manufactured one ?

  • @noctambulz utter rubbish tbh, whatever stunt you trying to pull it’s way pass refund stage .
    I doubt even the authenticity of your claims. Prove is what they need. send them your specs
    otherwise stop fabricating nonsence, let alone it takes you near 4 days to try basic simple tasks.

    Any eager to play person would have responded asap, that is how the support boards always work.

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