Well that's awesome.

  • I had an extra copy of Chivalry I wanted to trade for WoTR. I’m a big boy, I can try and maybe enjoy both.

    Thing is, guy gave me a copy, would not take Chivalry as he said he didn’t have time to play it, but still gave me a copy. I guess that means there are a few decent guys in their community. :P

    So I just played it for an hour and at no point did I have any fun.

    I’ll try giving it some more…I mean cmon, videos of it looked awesome…

  • I’ll take it off your hands for

  • You can’t once it’s used lol.

    Played another hour. Was a little funner.

    But still not that awesome, I’m not having much fun when playing, it’s spammy, there’s alot of team attacking and general trolling, more than AoC, and kill Stealing is quite common. It’s not like AoC where a kill is a kill, in this, you NEED to kill, to get better gear, so fighting someone to 90%, then some guy runs by and hits him once, takes ALL your hard earned loot, it’s gay, and they can even execute your enemy, getting the 200XP bonus. It’s not locked to you. :P

  • Yep, there are nice people like that left in this world ^^.

    Enjoy the game! I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. I’m happy with Chivalry, so I’ll stick with it ^^ I’ve waited for so long for this anyways!.

  • They just added gore to it, compete more with Chivalry:


    I’ve been trying to enjoy it, but the idea that Plate cannot be hurt by any weapon by axes & hammers is super frustrating.

  • Tried it again with the new patch, nice addition - the decapitation, but still…. doesn’t compete with chivalry :|

  • Im confus

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