Mirage Patch 5 - Custom Game Support Update

  • Developer

    This patch adds support for custom servers, allowing community members to host their own Mirage servers anywhere worldwide. It also adds spectacular custom game options!

    To celebrate, we’re taking a community vote for a new wacky game mod to be hosted on an official server for one week only.

    Watch the video for a preview of three mods to vote on:

    Vote by leaving a comment below and mention one of the following mods:

    • Run or Die
    • Joust
    • Ninja Arena

    Issues related to the backend (affecting Training and XP display) are also fully resolved. Previously, the high player population during Mirage’s Steam Free Day temporarily knocked this backend out of service. Any experience earned during this period (and/or anytime afterward) should now display properly, character customization options are back on track and the Training/tutorial level is now online.

    How to host a dedicated server in Mirage: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1117529610

    Read on for full patch notes:


    • Added custom server setting support
    • Dedicated server support


    • Fixed a crash that occurs when going through screens in the main menu or shortly after loading into a match.
    • Fixed a crash in steam dll
    • Fixed a crash related to leaving and joining matches


    • AMD GPU drivers may crash (recommended turning down display settings, gore, ragdolls and blood if you’re affected)
    • Serverbrowser sometimes over reports the number of players in the server
    • Gore mesh or customization items may appear to stretch on death and dismemberment

  • Global Moderator

    @playerhayter The link for the video is broken, btw.

    I’m placing my vote for Run or Die.

  • Developer

    @skindiacus Thanks, fixed. Think I added in a letter to the url by accident, doh.

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