returning to the game to find eveythings $$$$

  • return to the game after 12 months and a lots changed sadly ive got NO GEAR well everythings $$$$ way to go devs I’m not happy at all

  • YEAH that is the way tornbanner studios went
    they said screw you to the player base (customers) in every aspect of the word. They refused to fix the combat mechanics or lack there of. They refused to continue fixing the massive glitch fest that is chivalry. They refused to even acknowledge that they had any problems with this product at all.

    no instead they went for the model of community makes skins and we sell them for free and easy money.
    Then they decided that since they had one failing product on their hands, why not double down and focus all available resources on another… Mirage the epic flop.
    A game no one wanted, asked for and even tornbanners own beta testers were abandoning in droves hence the early and with no announcement release of their soon to fail POS product.

    this attitude of saying to heck with the player base in regards to chivalry started when DOA came out and was dead on arrival. TBS was expecting everyone to rush right out and buy this pseudo expansion and guess what happened?
    They didnt.
    CMW was extremely glitchy at that time even more than it is now. Random crashes, server list disappearing, no redundancy error checking or server time out protocols etc etc.

    It became very apparent that when DW went belly up, the company head said to heck with all of them. The attitude from this company changed from one of optimistic promises and hopes for the future to one of complete pessimism and even hostility towards their own players. Many future promises and goals were immediately tossed aside and that is when the announcements from this company went from a “hey we are listening and love in input” to a “how dare you critique this game at all and for that we are not fixing anything”.

    Tornbanner Studios is greed incarnate.
    Greed and incompetence is what killed this company.

    which comes straight from the top.

    i am honestly expecting a server mod to come by and remove this even thought what i am saying comes only out of sincere frustration with this game and the developers.
    I loved this game when i first saw it and i knew it had great potential. Unfortunately after seeing the constant inability or unwillingness to fix this games massive and obvious flaws, I became completely disheartened and even cynical about this game and its company.

    If a mod does end up reading this and wants to talk further, I will be checking this site from time to time or you can just email me. This is not an attempt to troll or anything just an honest, no holds bard opinion from someone with over 20 years online gaming experience.

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