Feedback for Mirage: Arcane Warfare

  • Hello all,

    After logging 70+ hours into Mirage so far, and reaching level 74, I figured I’d put up some feedback about how my experience has been, good & bad.

    The Good

    1. The Community - you guys have managed to create a very niche game, and as such, our community is small but tight-knit. Generally, I see high levels players coaching low level players in the smaller servers, and a good mix of new & old players on a regular cycle. Personally I have seen no instances of cheating, bad behaviour, racism etc. Salt = Low!
    2. Superb follow-up on melee combat from Chivalry. Combat feels smoother, less jagged in the visuals, less bey-blade spinning whilst retaining that all important drag, giving you the satisfaction of cutting a Tinker in half with a well timed swing!
    3. Addictive character customisation - I love getting that new rare weapon, or unlocking a new colour scheme for my characters. It makes a purely visual representation of long-term players, and I am happy with the rate at which I receive higher-tier items. RNG = No problem. I would love to see this expanded on & further cosmetics added to the game. Perhaps an earned currency to spend on items?
    4. Gorgeous level design. Really, you have out-done yourselves. I would love to see more maps introduced, of course.
    5. Distinct character design - Each playable class feels important, fills a role & excels in their own place. I would say here that I do believe the Taurant is a little over-cooked, with high health, high damage & speedy recovery / trading due to his Q (Push) having a 6 second cooldown, but this doesn’t make the other classes feel irrelevant, just makes me think twice before bringing my Vypress in close for a trade with a well-practiced Taurant.

    The Bad

    1. Server stability - too many times I have selected a server with low ping, attempted to enter & had my game freeze up. This is occurring for multiple people as well, on the same servers. One connected, generally the stability / ping is never an issue, but it makes selecting a server quite an irritant at times.
    2. The learning curve. It’s less of a curve, and more of a brick wall, particularly for players who are not coming from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. I’d like to see some single player introduced for local play, tutorial initially, maybe some enemy waves etc. Somewhere I can calmly & freely practice all the moves I need to take down higher levels!
    3. Class stagnation. I’m unaware if you guys at the Dev team are looking to implement new abilities / classes, but they are becoming needed. Although there is a good spread of most abilities being used (Not looking at you, Taurant Punch), after quite a short amount of time of playing with some friends, I’m pining for something new, something we haven’t seen yet. I do hope there will be enough incentive for future patches / DLC to be added, though a paywall would cause issues in itself. I guess we’ll see!

    Overall, I am very much in love with Mirage: Arcane Warfare, but it’s definitely not without it’s problems. Despite a poor reception, there is genuine love which has been poured into the making of this game, and I hope to see player numbers grow over time.
    I could prattle on for hours, but I think I’ll leave this here. Feel free to ask me any questions you’d like, or even pass me some feedback of your own.

    All the best guys,