Torn banner please read I want help

  • I have over 700 hours in chivalry, loved the game, at the time I thought it was a pretty low pop game. Mirage is a fantastic game I bought as soon as it came out, and fell absolutely in love. I got the hang of it pretty quick, duo to my experience in chivalry. At first when the game launched the pop was low but not as low as it is now. I’m disappointed. For a masterpiece like this to just fail. I dont know what happened, maybe not enough advertising I don’t know. But I do know the newer players we’re scared of the learning curve and saw how good some of the more veteran players are, so they gave up. Lately Some of the more skilled players, my self included, have been trying to help new players with getting used to the game and I say its rather a good feeling when you meet a newbie and see them later on kicking some ass using a technique that I showed them, But however, its not enough. The population suffers so much its just to hard to keep players attracted to the game because of it. Sadly the game might not come back from this. But that doesn’t mean don’t try for a new game. I’m about purpose a game for you to make, please consider making it. The concept of the game is a battle royal but only melee. The hunger games if you will. You can make it futuristic, or back in medieval times, or have it kinda in a futuristic setting but with medieval weapons. Whatever you see fit. Maybe no magic, but abilities you can find, like throwing knives, or a poison dart that can slow someone down or kill them, maybe even like a grappling hook if you want to make it a bit spicy. Try to aim for the game to feel like a survival game mixed with mirage, minus the magic. And also have it to where even the lower skill players can win if they play smart enough. Traps is a good way to acheive this, because if you do end up making something like this, I’m gonna be that guy people don’t want to come anywhere near me, probably would rather lure me in to a trap then fight me. I can see something like this being a great hit. And if it does become a hit, players can practice on another great game, mirage. I knows its been rough torn banner but come on I know you guys can do it, don’t let one failed attempt keep you down.

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