Legends, war stories and the return of an old knight with a rusty, bloody crown.

  • @Tatonix Miss those days of private lobbies with Drex. Those were my favorite times

  • @kyle-pa5 said in Legends, war stories and the return of an old knight with a rusty, bloody crown.:

    It is hard to believe this marks nearly the 3 year anniversary of this beautiful and flawed game. I recognize some of the newer players may not know who I am and that is fine. I also recognize some veterans know me all to well. I have a colorful history on this game to say the least. I played a huge roll in crafting the community into what it once was. I regrettably watched from afar as it fell apart.

    Things like “clan wars” and “clan rosters” didn’t even exist when I started playing back in 2014. However, with the help of many notable chivalry personalities, we built something great together. We created and lead the first “clans”. We created and structured the “clan wars” you are all familiar with today. We developed “clan colors” and clan names. We created clan “rosters” here on the forums. We held tournaments and created a community with a system, we had order. We had conflicting houses with varied levels of strength and motives. We had a story line, with many different arcs and perspectives.

    Some houses grew very powerful. Eventually one house in particular took hold of the community, beat it into submission (not with out resistance of course). Reluctantly, the community watched as this house crowned their clan leader as King. Some powerful house lords would not stand for this act. They became powerful resistance leaders with different ideas for the community. Some had very large followings determined to overthrow the powerful minority that hijacked everything. Most leaders were much less power hungry, some old and noble houses used democratic councils as leadership.

    There were, however, some things all houses had. Such as foot soldiers, knights and diplomats. They all represented there houses with pride, they were fighting for a cause. some for the good of the community.
    some wanted the crown for themselves.
    others wanted to watch the whole community burn.

    there was betrayal. war. back stabbing. alliances. De-thrownings. And even an attempted exile.

    there is only a few left that can recall the whole tale from start to finish.
    I would like to thank the following for the good times.

    new age knight - A true leader, actually lead his clan, stayed together despite losses and adversity. a pioneer, and godfather of the console port. creator of modern clan wars and community figure head.

    visual disciple - A true diplomat, honor bound knight, a true day one player that helped shape the entire community into something great.

    Hero jesters - the original villain, the first ruler of chivalry. Not much of a leader or a king. But he did lead the most powerful team EVER into battle for the first 7 wars they fought. day one player, has seen it all, created the meta for a short time.

    general firefly - created the backbone, the mold for “clans” notorious forum villain, day one player, seen it all. Helped build up the story line… created his own story arc. Bit of an outsider during the golden age, but was there to witness it all.

    Harold - Another great clan leader, a day one player and huge voice in the community, a figurehead and godfather of the port.

    my dudes haratsu, Dylan, nacho and big dog for grinding 7 hour party chats daily with me for years while kill Agatha knights.

    Anyway, fell free to share war stories down here from the golden days
    (even if you don’t play anymore).

    for you guys that still play… you will all see me on chivalry again, feel free to say hello.
    I know I’ve said and done some wild shit in the past, But I would like to swipe the slate clean. Any beef I have with you in game or otherwise? consider it squashed on my end. It is cool if you don’t. I don’t blame ya. If you still want to hunt for my head if you see me instead of shooting a party INV… I get it. But hey if you want be cool, that works too.

    Take it easy, hopefully I will see you guys on the battlefield again. maybe we can set up some private high level TO or duel LTS.
    -PA5 out

    But tbh zombies its cool that youve tied loose ends. would duel you if i still had a console lel

  • my dudes <3

  • @maharold Did you get rid of your Ps4 too? Or do you still have it?

  • @tatonix he still has ps4 becuz we r still cuul.

  • @cypressinstinx error still play?

  • @tatonix yes

  • @cypressinstinx well that was fast

  • @tatonix jon snow is his new account name for sum reason

  • @cypressinstinx I think Gatelo has a smurf account like that one Xbone

  • no. Harold cuntfirmed to me the mr snow is indeed deadeye new gen

  • -wipes tear from eye- You have no idea how happy it makes me to know you have grown up. Your mother and I are so proud of you! All kidding aside, welcome back dude. Now that I am back as Well, perhaps we can pick up where we left off back on the 360 and feed off of each other again. XD

  • @redwarrior13 Fade didn’t fall off clans just died* and yea

  • Now that I read this thread again I’m actually quite amazed at the history I had in this game and all the changes in the community that had occurred. From powerful clans disbanding to full time annoying troll team killers. I genuinely feel like I had an actually role in the story of the game. It’s quite amazing to see all the stuff that goes on in a very small community in which the same people fight each other and know each other. While Torn banner may be weenie boys for trusting activision I actually liked the game while it lasted.

  • @fade-ki-elite due to shitty little kid leadership, Fade RIPed

  • @kyle-pa5 Ast vs Tgl was lit :D.Na vs Eu was quite okay :D

  • Banned

    Started this game when it was 2 months old, didn’t know much and was only a noob for a few months after that. I started to know people and get more involved with the community after a while

    Played a small part in the old OG clan times but I only made a big difference in the most recent surge of clans during 2017 and 16 as I made my own clan and even convinced other friends to make more to revive the scene a bit, And ofcourse it didn’t last

    Not really interested in this game anymore but would defo be up for some clan action again, but 90% of the community are salty emo kids now who gank constantly and clan wars just seem to fragile for them kids to handle

  • Banned

    Also was in like 4 clans during my life time none of which I remember the names of lmao but they were with all the big chivalry personalities, guess my talkative and loud personality brought me into the chiv scene lmao

  • Banned

    And also not to mention I had the competitive scene by its balls at one stage and was the reigning king for about 2 months with my own clan but well, I got lucky lmao, great memories would certainly do it all again if it weren’t so toxic now.

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