Legends, war stories and the return of an old knight with a rusty, bloody crown.

  • @cypressinstinx I think Gatelo has a smurf account like that one Xbone

  • no. Harold cuntfirmed to me the mr snow is indeed deadeye new gen

  • -wipes tear from eye- You have no idea how happy it makes me to know you have grown up. Your mother and I are so proud of you! All kidding aside, welcome back dude. Now that I am back as Well, perhaps we can pick up where we left off back on the 360 and feed off of each other again. XD

  • @redwarrior13 Fade didn’t fall off clans just died* and yea

  • Now that I read this thread again I’m actually quite amazed at the history I had in this game and all the changes in the community that had occurred. From powerful clans disbanding to full time annoying troll team killers. I genuinely feel like I had an actually role in the story of the game. It’s quite amazing to see all the stuff that goes on in a very small community in which the same people fight each other and know each other. While Torn banner may be weenie boys for trusting activision I actually liked the game while it lasted.

  • @fade-ki-elite due to shitty little kid leadership, Fade RIPed

  • @kyle-pa5 Ast vs Tgl was lit :D.Na vs Eu was quite okay :D

  • Banned

    Started this game when it was 2 months old, didn’t know much and was only a noob for a few months after that. I started to know people and get more involved with the community after a while

    Played a small part in the old OG clan times but I only made a big difference in the most recent surge of clans during 2017 and 16 as I made my own clan and even convinced other friends to make more to revive the scene a bit, And ofcourse it didn’t last

    Not really interested in this game anymore but would defo be up for some clan action again, but 90% of the community are salty emo kids now who gank constantly and clan wars just seem to fragile for them kids to handle

  • Banned

    Also was in like 4 clans during my life time none of which I remember the names of lmao but they were with all the big chivalry personalities, guess my talkative and loud personality brought me into the chiv scene lmao

  • Banned

    And also not to mention I had the competitive scene by its balls at one stage and was the reigning king for about 2 months with my own clan but well, I got lucky lmao, great memories would certainly do it all again if it weren’t so toxic now.

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