Ban Appeal

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    Who banned you (if known): Unkown

    Reason for ban (if known): Spawn killing

    Your appeal:
    Hello Chivalry Admins and Community

    I am writing here in hope I can be forgiven and have my ban unlifted

    About 3 years ago or more now I got banned from the Official servers for spawn killing with some friends. There was about 4/5 of us. We are already strong individual players which didn’t help the situation as we was able to survive in the enemy spawn for long periods of time using the re spawn bug when needed. Players got upset and we got perm banned which seemed a little harsh to me as no one warned me it was this serious. Maybe a temp ban would have been sufficient enough.

    I would like to apolagise for anyone I upset during this time

    Now wish to enjoy the game in my downtime which isn’t a lot of time these days with children to look after. I hope we can work things out so I can play again.

    Additional comments: Merry Christmas

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