Freeze in game

  • Hello,

    I just bought the game and started to play, then after 1 min, I experienced some really annoying freezes that last for 5-10 sec, then 20 sec normal, then it freezes again etc … I already try everything that was mentionned about this (graphics drivers, I set everything to low with no blood no corpses, resolution scale at the minimum). Just to say that I really don’t know why the problem occurs since I could run chivalry in medium high resolution without any problem (I know it was UE3 and now it’s UE4 but it is really the responsible ?). I really want to play this game, no matter how many people there are because I think I would enjoy it and I like the universe and the gameplay. But for now I just can’t play it because of this problem due to freezes.

    Please help me so that I can enjoy !

    Some of my specs : Intel core i5, Nvidia 760 GTX, DirecX 11, Windows 7 64bits

    Thank you in advance for any help !

  • I am sorry that I don’t know much about this issue for me, but I suggest you can restart your computer and try it out once. If it still not working, please let me know. But I believe there will be other professionals to help you solve this problem.

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