This the place to report someone?

  • This happened on a official classic server and i am deeply offended by this filth, firstly calling me gay because i kept killing him which i replied that i have a gf and 2 year old daughter. He then began saying that i rape my daughter which in my view is not on, it upset me and i will be highly dissapointed if this guy does not get a global ban. Again i am shocked at some of the stuff this guy was saying and i want this guy gone, not warned… gone.

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  • Sounds like a guy I use to know on chivalry. That guy attempted to slander another by calling him a child rapist and such although messaging him threats to murder his family (which also had an actual family) just because he got sauced in a first to seven. It was funny because it did not end very well for him after that.

    man good times

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    we will keep an eye on him, don’t worry .

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