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  • Theres a toxic player onm the server right now named elite team killer. he and one of his buddies kept team killing me in the spawn and then the vote kicked me. I would like these toxic players banned from the game

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    Can’t find him on any server right now.
    Do u have evidences of him teamkilling u ?

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  • @valind This guy is a complete liar. He was trolling the server making constant racial slurs so he got vote kicked. And unlike him, I WILL PROVE it with screen caps. He was going around spamming racism, so the entire server kicked him. Yeah, I said that he needed to go, and I might have been the one to start the kick (I didn’t screen cap that, I don’t think). BUT he literally joins the server and SECONDS LATER is spamming, “fuck i hate nggrs they always dindo noffin.” He KEPT doing it. Screen caps below via

    alt text

    alt text

    And then this racist jerk comes to Chivalry admin and tries to get me banned? May God man. Please get rid of this absolute troll. This is really infuriating. He was being an utter racist troll, and then tries to get ME banned? WTF.

  • @valind
    In case the other two are too hard to read, I took one of those screen shots and got a closer view, and took the liberty of highlighting some of his trolling:

    alt text

    As you can see, not only is he a racist troll, he’s a liar. And even worse, he tried to get decent Chivalry community members banned because he didn’t get away with being a racist troll.

  • @valind One more thing of note, valind. You can see from my screen shot with the highlights that the vote kick Guinness started didn’t go through. That was because Melgibson CONTINUOUSLY did it. Over and over. If he had done it once, that kick would have failed and that would have been the end of it. But he kept on. In fact, if I recall correctly, he had already been kicked for racism at this point, which is why he was votekicked again. But the point is, this vote kick failed, but a later one didn’t. Why? Because he KEPT doing it, and eventually the other people on the server realized he was spamming racism, so they voted yes. Again.

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