• sorry guys on this newbie question but i have searched on google, forum search and wiki but i just can not find the answer.

    what is rank (the number between the class and the K/D scoreboard)? how to raise rank? does it increase by amount of weapons player unlock or it is base on kill count or playtime? and the final question is will player’s rank go lower if death > kill count (for example: i die a lot more if i want try to unlock archer’s dagger’s weapon…got to go in melee and stab people right?)

    thanks for all your aids guys

  • I was at rank 10, and now im at rank 2, thats all I know. plus my weapons upgrade are never working. ( but I think its going to get fix soon, i heard ?)

  • I’m assuming you mean levels from 1~Infiniti (At the moment). If that’s the case then you get 200 xp per kill and 100 xp per assist. I’m not sure how much xp there is per level, but I do know that the xp gets progressively more per level, so getting from level 19 to level 20 would be easier than getting from level 29 to level 30.If you’re talking about weapons, they go by kills; it requires 25 kills for the tier 2 weapons and 75 more for the tier 3.

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