Shouldn't be an issue.

  • A friend of mine, Walshy vote kicked a player with high ping and was permenantly banned from not only official servers, but ALL servers period. Walshy has played for a very long time and has thousands of hours of progress in this game, all lost. The person who banned him was “Leader of Rape Culture” an Ingame moderator who has personally flamed me, flames peoeple, kicks/bans for no reason and is generally a toxic person alltogether. Now I’m here to ask for walshy’s ban to be lifted and rape to be talked to about his excessive use of power and lack of social skills. Please add me and we can chat on steam, I just want my friend to be able to play the game he loves.

  • Walshy’s side::

    Due to the absolutely ridiculous circumstances under my ban, I should not have to apologize to anyone. If someone wants the full story (which btw will disgust you to hear) I will be more than glad to explain it, but due to the current state of the game and the lack of actual admin interactions, I do not have the motivation to appeal this absurd reason for a ban. Here is a summary of what happened: I was in Central Duel Mode when Leader joined, along with an admin from the UK?? The admin said that it is against server policy to vote kick someone under 200 ping??? So knowing that claim was utter bullshit that he made up, I began a vote kick against Leader for having a ping of 120 (in a CENTRAL duel server even though the West coast servers were heavily populated), I was then banned from only Duel Central. I log in the next day to find out I was permanently/globally banned from all servers on the game. The UK admin that banned me obviously gained some sort of vendetta against me and is taking it personal. It is absolutely outrageous to perma ban someone who’s played the game since the day it released for vote kicking a toxic player with a ping of 120.

    Let me also emphasize that I voted to kick the waste of oxygen ONE time. Once.

    Special thanks to whoever Sneezehugs is for making this post, I simply did not want to put forth another second of effort towards this outrageous situation.


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