Need a chivalry update ?

  • Everybody wants a “Chivalry Medieval Warfare 2”, but in fact, an important update could be enough to see all players come back to the game. For me, they just need to add and fix some points.

    Theses points are :

    • Refresh graphic engine

    • Balance weapons in-game (damaged, notflinch, range, …) like the compmod made by the community tried to do.

    • Fix all shields exploits

    • Create a ranked mod, with specific rules like : only first person allows, no projectiles, 50% class restrictions… This mod could be applied to the tournament 5V5 Objective map, but also on ranked matches :

      • Theses ranked match are 2V2 LTS or 3V3 LTS , you can participate to ranked with a matchmaking where you can invite your friends. Matchmaking based on a ladder like all competitive game, this is not easy to add but this is the best way to motivating people to stay and play. Best players of the month could get some exclusive skins…
    • Possibility to create your team inside the game, to have an in-game tag, got a « heraldry » dedicated to this team, to see history of the wins on official tournaments. Also to limit « merc players » who play with every team to have to choose one.

    • Create official tournaments regularly between teams.

    Facultative points :

    • Create more maps, and some adapted to 5v5 TO, like Darkforest can be

    • Create huge event (rarely) with the best teams reunited to make battles like 32vs32.

    • Add some content like horses on pubs, more weapons…

    It’s only an example, let me know what you think about my vision to make chivalry great again :)

  • too bad
    not gonna happen

  • I like the idea
    and they could rise the cost of the game too

  • Most of that they had with clans, they had regular comps if I recall 5v5. Reduce the blight of fov dance spam
    recently gotten worse with the animatin twerking. RoH begone, when entire servers are now full of Archers doing
    macroed roh spam face hug its time to then consider a drastic nerf down. shield shove face in the dirt animation
    breaking with shove of shield while spearing you , crouching as they glitch you to deth while actually chatting all at once is a sign.

    As far as I recall Knights is the only class not changed or improved but infact hindered by all the other classes now
    thanks to the opness of them. Although I disagree with Alchemancers terribly bad reduction in effectiveness in mirage
    thanks to a few whiney taurants and melee chiv nuts who infact don’t even play mirage now. If that approach had been
    in Chivalry to ranged shooting classes in Chivalry I dare say the player base would be exceptionally higher today imo.

  • HAH! That’s a good one.

    bet they didn’t think people would come back from multi-year bans on the forums, huh?

    (no seriously, point out in post history where I was wrong)

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