Creating a metal-thematic game

  • By metal I hear a vibe heavy, Goth, Death, Trash, Gothic, metal (rappers Abstain Wholesale…) lol

    Well… so here it can sound weird as an approach, but as I do not know how to go about it, I start.

    Would you be interested in participating in the development of a video game, on the founding concepts: Rock’nroll, Metal, Court of Miracles?

    In terms of game play I try to produce a game if possible innovative, but however close enough to a platform game in the genre of the game “Journey” for example but with fights.

    I am currently developing the game with another person from Italy, I have no ideas closed when to its content because I want to first find a programmer to have his point of view on what he wants or does not want to do.

    This work would be voluntary with a percentage return to debate on the funds eventually harvestable after designing a demo and proposed a Kickstarter. As much to say that it is not won: s
    Laughing out loud.

    I can tell you more in PM.

    Waiting for any answers I’ll leave you.

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