Admin trolling - report

  • Hi, i would like to report Hoss, admin from the South American servers, for trolling, not killing anyone on a team objective game.

    This is his score at the end of the game, you can see the game was freaking intense lookin at the other player scores, he was just running around, parrying, kicking, ducking

    Heres a photo of him warning another player that, if he does not kills enemys, he will get out

    I thank you all and may i apologize for my not so well english.

  • Global Moderator

    Hey Sjueto,

    If you want to report an admin because you think he/she abuses their power or have any type of behaviour that is unacceptable please contact Torn Banner Studios through their contact page. Please provide as much information as possible and all screenshots you might have. I will recommend a site like imgur for all your screenshots, that way you can add them in an album which will be a lot easier for the team to find them all in 1 place.

  • It looks very stacked to me in your favor op plus your side won a lot of players would have quit such a stacked side tbh.
    storm in a tea cup imo.

  • i am uploading a video of the same admin power abusing.

  • hOW CAN this guy be adm still ? its a disgrace to this game.

  • I do this too sometimes because it is fun, it does not mean I’m not playing TO tho. You can also see he has a higher score so he is still doing the objective. It can be annoying when a player does not kill the opponent, especially in LTS but it totally depends on the situation.

    alt text