Why are some admin bans so ridiculously long? I know this might hurt some feelings, but this post is in the interest of Chivalry.

  • I think some friendly advice is in order for a group of admins. Let me start with an example.

    A guy and his friends are having a good time team killing each other. Just goofing off with the game they paid for. An admin sees it. Admin bans one of them permanently on all servers with no warning. This guy appeals. Another admin says, well we’ll make you wait three months and you can appeal again, since you played on an alt count. Note: this actually happened.

    First of all, global permaban with no warning for team killing? I would wonder if someone who did that even actually played this game, since it seems to show remarkably ignorance of the game’s culture. Second, why does one admin globally ban someone for life (with 3 month intervals to appeal), while another simply bans someone from a single server for a day? What is the justification for this inconsistency? (this also actually happened)

    What I am asking boils down to this: Can we please get some common sense and common decency back into administrating? Can we, to pardon a popular phrase, Make Administration Great Again?


    Some suggestions to make the community love you and not think you are out of touch with the game you are supposed to be mods/admin of:

    (1) Give people warning. That should be common sense, but for some reason some admins do not do it.
    (2) Start with small punishments. A few days, a week. Then when it happens again, rank it up a level (a month). And then you can do your 3 month appeal stuff.
    (3) Get involved with players. Learn the culture of this game. Understand the consumer you work for.
    (4) Remember that the people you are administrating over are paying customers. Do not let your power go to your head like you’re a hall monitor in primary school. You are there to serve, not inflate your ego or help your friends.

    Your actions can actually hurt Torn Banner’s bottom line in the future.
    People are not going to buy a second or third title from Torn Banner if Torn Banner’s admins take away the game they paid for in an unreasonably extreme way. If you care about Torn Banner, some of you will change your approach to administration ever so slightly.
    Finally, please note: Traffic playing Chivalry is way down compared to a few years ago. Perhaps there are some things YOU as administrators can do to help fix that? I can assure you that permanently taking away a product users paid for over petty things will only result in a decrease in player base, and as a result, a decrease in market share for Torn Banner’s next project. Maybe there are better ways to handle these issues?

    Thank you for reading.

    (final note: I accidentally posted this in server support earlier. I deleted it there, or at least tried to)

  • I don’t usually reply to threads like these where players point fingers at admins while their own friends are the ones misbehaving, but maybe this answer will also help other players struggling with the rules.

    • Paying for the game does not mean you can do whatever you want, you still have to follow our guidelines.

    • Avoiding global bans by playing on other accounts will lengthen your global ban and will result in other accounts being banned.

    • Admins will never globally ban a player without warning, if you think you did not get a warning you probably have missed it. If you break a rule on purpose, you will first get a warning, than a temporary kick/ban and if that also does not help you will be globally banned. However! If you break multiple rules an admin might not warn you for every single offence, there are also no warnings for players who use cheats. If you appear to be unresponsive towards the warning an admin might kick you with a warning message.

    • We do not consider the bans to be ridiculously long as you have had plenty of chances to change your behavior before getting globally banned. When you are globally banned it means that you have ignored warnings and broke one or more rules on purpose repeatedly.

    In this particular case I think you are defending a friend who had been warned and was not only team killing his friends but also other players. Send me a PM if you want to discuss this case as I will not discuss it here. Please note that teamkilling friends is against the rules, you do not get a free pass because you are with friends. It might seem fun to you but other players will not understand what you are doing and start a teamkill rampage which in turn will make you angry etc. Your actions can actually hurt the gaming experience others would like to have.

    I’d also like to add that admins are just Chivalry players who like to have fun in Chivalry and we want other players to have the same experience, anyone who tries to ruin that experience by breaking the Official Chivalry server rules will have to deal with the consequences. It’s fairly easy to play by the rules you just need some common sense.

    On a last note, if you feel an admin has abused his powers you can contact TB through the contact page, make sure you provide solid evidence accompanied with a thorough and thoughtful explanation.

  • EDIT: NEVERMIND you just said to PM you and that you won’t discuss it here

    They are not my friends at all. I don’t even know them or even who their user names are . But thank you for making a 100% baseless and unsported conclusion, which I’m sure you do when you moderate on the game (an assumption on my part, but it’s based on at least one nugget of evidence: you just did it). In fact, I only found out about it by reading these forums (note: I wouldn’t have even known if not for some asshat who was spamming the N-word on a server getting kicked and then trying to get me banned for helping to kick him for spamming racism). Now, assuming nothing in my thread was false, which you are assuming (that they are warned, etc), do you still agree with it?

    And this: " Please note that teamkilling friends is against the rules, you do not get a free pass because you are with friends."

    This is part of why Chivalry has lost so many people. You should go ban all these guys who made Chivalry popular since they team killed, shot each other with balistas, ran around and spammed the voice commands, and all the other things you think you should remove from the game, and then they went and made youtube videos about it.

    Chivalry: Criken’s Cowardly Crusade


    Ban these guys for rule violations ^^

  • Wait, how do you even PM? Anyway, this isn’t a PERSONAL request regarding some friends of mine. As I said, I don’t know these people AT ALL, despite your baseless assumption. Did it occur to you that maybe I might care about the health of the Chivalry community, and that toxic administrating is one of several ills that it is facing?

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