Suggestion: More user created maps should be in official servers

  • Torn Banner wants to keep their base of customers, but the game has gotten stale to some people because official servers play the same 6 maps over and over.

    But, if official servers added the most stable user created maps, especially the team objective ones (which are highly popular), there is a chance user base will increase.

    Obviously it would not do well to have potentially offensive user created maps, or maps with IPs from other companies. For example, as much as I love the Dank maps, those are obviously potential risks. But there are plenty of lore friendly maps that could be added. And before someone says they might be bugged, well plenty of the newer maps (some of them, if not all, user created) also have occasional bugs.

    But a map like Cornharbor? It’s fairly lore friendly, it’s well made, and it matches the tone of the game. Same with Seaborn. A very beautiful map. Yes, it has a few issues with some of the collision with the wood, but maps like that one always bring out wonder filled comments to people who see them for the first time.

    Or even official special maps, like Dark Forest Winter. I didn’t even see it this Christmas, but why should it only be yearly? Give the customer the power to choose to play that map if they want.

    If anyone here has the power to do this, we really need to see more custom and special maps in the game.

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