After a bug that broke my game, should I re-buy Chivalry or get Mirage arcane warfare?

  • It was a few years ago then I began playing Chivalry medieval warfare, and I loved it! I played it every weekend for hours and became an addict. After a while my skill increased and I became pretty damn good at the game. However, all gold things must eventually come to an end because some bullshit bug began to kick me out of the game every time I loaded it. I would start chivalry and then once the intro with the companies or whatever ended it just went into the loading screen and kept on going until a window popped up saying “error” and a few other things I did not understand. I kept on attempting to fix it, I watched youtube videos and attempted to fix it through them and I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Everything I tried would not work. So I stopped playing. Fast forward a year or two and I have begun to deeply miss the game and feel inclined to re-buy chivalry medieval warfare. But then deciding I found that Torn Banner had released a second Chivalry game. I was super excite- but that was until I found that it was all magic shit. I was heartbroken. I read some developers article about how they are “innovating” and “risk-taking”. From finding this out I just shook my head. How stupid can you possible get? People came to Chivalry (or at least I did) for the amazing medieval combat! And you exploited this by completely abandoning what we love and changing it to some shit magic Arabian game or whatever. I watched a few video’s on the game and these video’s were enough to tell me that the game was not for me. This weekend I might be re-buying Chivalry Medieval Warfare, should I do it? Should I get Mirage instead? I saw a few video’s on Mordhau and that got me excited but it’s not coming out for a while. Also, I should add that I looked at the steam charts for chivalry medieval warfare and mirage, and found that chivalry maintains around an 825 person player base daily, while mirage gets like literally 10 people. The developer that made that article I was talking about earlier must feel as if he had been smacked in the face lol. Anyways, you guys got an opinion on what I should do?

  • no…

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