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  • I’ve applied to be an admin in the past and was passed up or ignored.

    I’ve been in multiple servers without admins that very clearly needed them and I wonder why I was not chosen. I’ve created this post because we still need them and I’ve seen none of the admins on. I understand that they have their own private live’s to consider and that they my be on other servers. The caliber of players that have recently joined Chivalry have been as I like to call “COD noobs” - meaning that they talk trash, hack, use racial slurs freely, and overall make the game unwelcoming to new players in general.

    I’d like to ask for more active admins or to be reconsidered for an admin position. New players (who are surprising in number in consideration of more popular titles) have still had a steady and active flow into the game are having to play with a worsening experience of these toxic players who shouldn’t be allowed to be tolerated into our community. Chivalry can still be a positive experience for those who are new to it if we remove these terrible interlopers.

    I hope this request doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

  • Na I’m pretty sure it’s more of the opposite, The ones who do all of what you said are typically the vet players.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @lexith said in The future of Chivalry:

    I’ve given up.

    There are far too many of these types of players that are crowding the servers now. I can’t have any impact in teaching them and I honestly can’t even game enough of a damn to do so at this point. They are so numerous now that even if I wanted to have an impact it wouldn’t even matter.

    This game is doomed now. I see that now. We had good times and I’ll always miss the chiv community. But this game is dead. I’m just calling it now. I’ll sincerely miss it.

    Do you still feel this way?

  • @didymus I honestly do. As an experienced player who often attempts to teach those who are able to learn, I can’t even find them now. It’s like being forced to look through junk and trash to find something special. Specifically me replying to this post should be enough of an indicator. I’m never active on forums unless there is serious reason to. My previous post was too harsh on the active admins and I would like to apologize openly to them as I can’t blame them for not being available all the time. That was shallow of me to state. I deeply appreciate the active admins of the chiv community. I only wish for more to prevent the problems that I’ve witnessed. I realize that it’s unrealistic considering that we are a limited community and we rely on the support of people who wish to put time into it. I was humbled by this idea. I was unfair in thinking they were just not paying attention. I very sincerely apologize to all the admin staff. I was just so frustrated with the situations that I had viewed. I wanted to be active and supportive of the community. I wanted to make it better.

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