Muted by Karl

  • I asked him about his CPU and GPU which resulted in me being muted… I have not posted in this forum in years… Why do you hire such admins?

    To be honest I asked him twice how does that merit a mute? He responded the first time pentium 3, then he said nothing next thing i know I was muted…

    Official TO US East #1

    There is nothing wrong with having a good cpu and gpu,

    To further this complaint, the other day I defended Jewish people from a racist and Karl said i am egging the racist on… First off the racist said all black people are wide nosed animals who only obey their animal nature and that jews run the world. So what I did is ask the racists, do you really think jews control the world, they responded yes… So I said considering jews makeup .0003% of the population wouldn’t that make them the master race? And I restated that point. Karl told me, you are antagonizing them. Why would a sane person who is not racist defend these people? Ask Karl what he thinks of Jews and Blacks… Perhaps review his statements in game over that last week or weeks. Racism should never be catered too.

  • you naughty pleb, its the dirty fork sketch. don’t waste your time with this stuff tbh, it never ends well bear in mind
    your in a t/o game to play not distract admins, they also have to keep an eye on entire chat, players and play themselves
    so perhaps your timing bad tbh