Combos and Blocking

  • When someone swings at you and you block it, are they supposed to be able to do the second part of the combo? I have had this happen a lot and I was under the impression that if you block the initial swing, they cannot come back with a swing from the opposite direction.


  • I think it depends on how close they are to you, note that if you hit a wall close it gets stopped, if you barely knick it you can keep combo’ing.

  • I believe it’s a bug associated with lag. I’ve had it happen to me too, and I was like :o

    But no, every parry should completely halt any combos in progress.

  • Happends to me all the time when I meet a LMB spammer, sometimes when he is about to swing for the second time, then the player animation suddenly resets, so he begins to swing from an opposite direction and its very confusing o.o

  • That’s also another bug which is probably(?) associated with lag.

  • Didn’t experience this myself. When my attacks are blocked I can’t launch a combo move.

  • I believe this is a visual bug only. Combo animations sometimes bug out when blocked, flinched, or when attacks are spammed repeatedly without comboing (the player will appear to be comboing during his windup, but then will switch to a basic swing animation)

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