Reporting 2 filthy peasants doing Team Killing and voting without reason

  • Just 2 guys from United States trolling in a South American server.
    No admin online it was late 12 am

    First user:
    Brave Sir Tofu
    Steam profile
    Steam2 ID STEAM_0:1:6131395
    Steam3 ID (32bit) [U:1:12262791]
    Steam3 ID (64bit) 76561197972528519 (Dec)
    110000100bb1d87 (Hex)

    Second user:
    Steam profile
    Steam2 ID STEAM_0:0:95336138
    Steam3 ID (32bit) [U:1:190672276]
    Steam3 ID (64bit) 76561198150938004 (Dec)
    11000010b5d6d94 (Hex)

    Video proof uncut Youtube Video

    Brave Sir Tofu highlights :
    8:00 start voting me without reason, in the chat you can read “kick YMCA”
    9:19 “lol , get shit on fucker”
    11:28 “KICK YMCA TEAM KILLER , HE KILLED ME , AND TWO OTHERS” as you can see in the video i didint do it
    12:42 doing team killer to a guy next to me and me
    14:01 he left when his friend got kicked.

    awesomecoolsnake highlights:
    8:34 insulting me saying “eres puta” the translation in english is “your a whore”
    8:59 to 9:11 doing team killing to me (vanguard of the left)
    9:34 doing team killing to me again
    10:14 throwing me an axe in the face
    11:32 voting me without a reason at all
    12:32 throwing me an axe again
    13:21 “fuck you ,stupid bitch”

    I request permanent ban to those 2 filthy peasants, they are toxic peasants.

  • It’s culling time imo. I might have met that T some time ago as I often drop into usa or high ping places to
    make new friends, mostly warmer then the uk / euro lot to add tbh.

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