Ban appeal

  • (Posted here, because I’m not sure if I should post it here or as a reply on the pre-made format thread)

    Hello there, this is my ban appeal:

    Steam Community ID (My 2 main accounts):

    Who banned you: (Not confirmed)

    Reason for ban: Smurfing on Low Ranks (0 - 15) constantly.

    Your appeal:

    I’m appealing to get my incoming global bans removed.
    I’m deeply sorry for this haste and I’ve learned of my mistakes, I’m going to uninstall Chivalry and let my hands off, I’ve already talked about this with an Moderator. I’m very deeply sorry, I know it’s my fault, I just don’t want the globalbans, like I said. I’m gonna get off Chivalry for a very long time from now on.

    My last request is only getting the globalban report cancelled, I’m probably the only smurf who begs forgiveness. I also acknowledge that I’ve intentionally ignored the admins / moderators warnings, even his final warnings. I just want this drama to end. I would leave regardless, I just request that you can make an last exception out of this globalban. I’ve learned from that, I just beg to redeem my ban.

    If needed we can also discuss this via voicechat / chat, even though I’m sure there’s nothing much to discuss here.

    Additional comments:

    English is not my main language, so sorry if I made any mistakes.

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