I have a problem

  • Hello,
    I have a serious problem. I had unlocked all of the weapons, but after i joined some serwer almost all of the weapons have permanently blocked. I don’t know what to do to fix that. I reinstalled game twice and there is nothig efect.
    Could you suggest me what i have to do?
    (sorry for my bad English).

  • KEEP PLaying and unlock them again. Im not a gm dont know why u choose me :P.

    Keep in mind that most unlocked ones are bad.

    Best weapon in the game is the greatsword.

    Broadsword for maa is good for the extra range but maces do more dmg vs knights.

    Crossbow and longbow + broadhead are vs archers.

    lightcrossbow best damage per second bow weapon.

    and so on

  • Its lag tbh, I have found that by selecting my class, loadout as I join a game instantly can produce a locked swords/weapons screen. In such laggy issues just wait a min before choosing plus items you have purchased / earned
    are all usually available then, outside case being the server at TB that hosts said items is down or on a maintenance cycle
    at that time so your items are not lost in any circumstance at all tbh .

  • @wilt Thank you so much.

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