Bug Fixes?

  • Any chance on some notes on when the blatant broken features are going to be fixed? you have my and others money now, there shouldn’t be any excuses or delays on how long it takes to release a patch to a UDK engine game. I know most of the people here don’t know what this game is based on, but understand some of us do game development and actually know how long it takes to modify code and not add new things.

    tldr: give us a patch or at least notes. This is getting a bit silly telling us you are fixing things when the game was release in clearly beta form. It shouldn’t take more than 7 days to release a fix, even with 5-10 people. this ins’t your own engine, you are simply readjusting values in UDK.


    P.S.: To those whom have no purchased this game yet, I’d be very careful on what you are purchasing. There are some fairly severe bugs in this game for the price they are asking.

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    Hotfix will be in today.


    What we are currently working on.

  • I appreciate the fast response. Sorry if I sound annoyed but the game is unplayable for me and several others in my friend circle. I’m wanting to enjoy this game but it’s hard in the current form. I do have hope though.

  • You can help us more by pointing out what these bugs are?

    Some bugs are hitting only certain players or configurations, and require extensive testing and troubleshooting.

  • Come on man……you can’t see the multiple bugs that other users are complaining about? :/ thats a bit silly that you need me to point out the blaring amount of issues. Might try to start with archers being completely useless with how slow weapons change/velocity, or the fact that a large portion of users can’t even see servers.

    Can I ask something, though? did you guys release because of a hard release date, or did you just run out of money and release it then? It really doesn’t feel like your team had adequate time to really balance or test anything. Melee combat is really fun and the system could use some tweaks to polish it, but archery and just about every other feature seems like you had someone reading tutorials do it for you.

  • We are aware of some bugs including the midget people on siege weapons and arms being weird after coming off of the ballista as well as others and are working on fixing them.

    I wouldn’t call archers useless as they’re quite effective in the hands of a good player – but we are aware of some issues with ranged not playing as well as melee and we are working on that.

    The server browser issue is something we have no control over.

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