Admins Need To Be Active

  • We are in dire need of admins and none of you have stepped up. Cancerous little shits have popped up and are running free and I can’t seem to find a single fucking person to contact to get rid of them. I’ve got so many contacts in my friends list to get in contact with to try and get an admin and none of them seem to know of any active fucking admins. Where the fuck are them? Give me admin privileges so I can do what you should be doing. I’ve tried to hold hope that you guys were doing your jobs but now there’s fucking nothing. What the fuck?

  • I’ve been active in Chivalry. I’ve posted about this exact fucking issue in the past and have been completely ignored by the admins and frankly sick of it. I’ve pleaded with them to take action and have had fucking NOTHING. They don’t give a fuck apparently. This studio doesn’t deserve any attention from fucking anyone as far as I’m concerned. They don’t give a shit about their players and it shows. I’m so disappointed in everyone from Torn Banner. EVERY ONE OF YOU HAVE FAILED YOUR COMMUNITY. As much as I love chivalry, I hope your shitty studio fails.

  • This game has died because of your constant inconsiderate care. We the players have been yearning for help and we’ve have nothing but silence.

  • That’s the problem with volunteer community admins. They’ll get to it when they get to it.

    Also tbh TBS has or had more community admin support than a lot of other indie games imo. So I think they did a pretty good job when Chivalry was a bit more popular. They could just shut down official servers and let the community host their own. I don’t think I’ve played another game that’s relied so heavily on the devs hosting servers for the community.

  • @knifelegs
    I agree.

  • How do you attempt to get in contact with an admin if I may ask?

  • I have no trouble contacting admins, jump into steam group chat or discord mirage.
    As for shutting down the public servers from players that don’t even play the game utter rubbish.

    What do you expect paying customers to do rent servers also? More games should have pub servers
    also the ranking system would be effected let alone the last thing TB wants is to alienate more gamer’s
    then the 1.8 out of 3 million gamers they have done already, They are obliged by buyers of the game
    be that new, recent or old purchases, Steam, plus themselves to show some dignity and pride.

    The line would go, I remember buying a TB product that was flawed let alone they then went on to offer
    no support and then close the public servers, as I told them countless times gamers have very long
    memories be that 1 to 10 yrs they never forget developers who rubbed them up the wrong way blatantly
    in an arrogant way. But you know even Quake3 old game running servers still to this day draws a loyal crowd
    back regardless of history a lesson TB would do well to remember tbh

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