• Hello Mirage Arcane Warfare warriors, as we all know, the game is almost dead and no new players are buying it anymore. The servers are always empty, and we have a max daily peak of 25 players all around the world (guess how ping it’s like). But according to the Steam charts ,when they did the free giveaway day we had 43000 players on the servers. That’s a gain of almost 30’000% the average player number. What is the solution?

    We have a plan to save the game we bought. But we need the help of everybody, we can’t do it all alone.

    1- MAKE THE GAME FREE: This the best way to attract new players, and make the people who bought the game still play it.

    2- ADD BEGINNER SERVERS: The biggest issue for the new players is that they come in the server, get killed by pros, quit and then uninstall the game. This game has steep learning curve, and a beginner server would be the best way to introduce new players to the awesomes gameplay mechanics.

    3- ADD ESTHETIC MICROTRANSACTION: This a good way to make some money back if the games becomes free. But only esthetic, because the gameplay core it’s all about skills.


    Make more maps
    Do some optimisation for low end pcs.
    Add dedicated DUEL servers.
    More customisable players (more items to unlock)

    I already sended the petition to Torn Banner, I hope the will read it.
    We are more than 100 signers, join us here:

  • not sure it’s even possible new maps, thought the artist is no longer involved with this as likely busy at new job.
    let alone I think making a game free is upto steam, I’d guess they want a certain amount of rev before that plus
    timing might be off until at least a peak season when folk are on holidays be that or term breaks etc.

  • Global Moderator

    I doubt they’ll be touching Mirage again.

    Mirage will probably only live as people in the Disc randomly deciding to play together sometimes.

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