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  • Re: Ban excuses the good ones II

    Having read quite a few this year, suggesting your of good character who just wrote a guide to cheating is angelical
    is laughable. I would say many cases are removed from gaming hubs, whilst some privately lose court court cases
    by developers who rightly so decide to just take them to a small claims court for damages… You should be thankful
    Steam itself at this stage hasn’t decided to remove your account and any other smurf accounts on a permanent basis.

    if bigger players then you with major websites and videos/ guides on cheats got utterly destroyed by the powers that be
    plus to this day are still in debt paying of long term fines by legal obligatory channels then a small lone guide maker
    should just be quiet and put this down to an error of ways tbh, at this stage. Count your self lucky that not all developers
    are united or read news or bans on other hubs or you could find more game bans from other game developers simply as
    a precautionary proactive step to safe guard the product they have made for steam games from such gamers as you.

    One can only imagine a game ban on any medieval games would be very upsetting, lets not mention a famous upcoming
    chivalry type of game who would be within their rights to make sure you don’t surface in the game they might release
    this year.

  • excuses excuses but lies when posting appeals makes no sense due to the fact that before you got here
    the admins have been collecting evidence saying you never team kill or did this or that is like the culprit
    caught by cctv saying it wasn’t him. make it a good appeal or just pack your things you done tbh.

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