Banned for impersonating

  • Steam ID:

    Server you were banned on: Global ban,so pretty much all the servers

    Who banned you:I dont know

    Reason for ban: impersonating and trolling

    Your appeal:I was impersonating 2 guys for 2 days (they were not admins) and i was trolling them all the time,anyways now when im Global banned for it i see that the things i did were not cool and maybe i deserve to be banned cuz i was an asshole to those guys.
    i was joking with people i always do that i never ment to like actually hurt someone or something, it was all jokes but impersonating is wrong and i know i made a mistake by doing that and im sorry.
    if i get another chance to play on official servers i will never impersonate anyone and i will probably disable the chat,and listen to music in the background.Because if the chat is on i will most likely troll someone again so if i get the chance to play again the chat is OFF for me. i was banned like 6 days ago tnx for reading.

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