Achilles (team killer) 25 screen shots

  • On August 12th around 2:30 until 2:45 pm I was playing on a 3v3 LTS server. A player by the name of Achilles kept team killing, steam profile: I have 25 screen shots to prove this. I uploaded the screen shots here: I asked several times why he kept on team killing but I got no decent response. (The pictures will be deleted from the website in 30 days)

  • I suggest you jump into discord or the admin group on steam tbh. The discord link is in the mirage hub

  • I know Archilles, and he’s a great player, if you compare him with the majority of players, Archilles plays with honor. The most likely thing is that they were playing dueling (normal in 3vs3) and you played ffa, so it is normal to be killed, in 3vs3 if someone does something bad they are always thrown at the moment

  • @swordman Well, I actually was dueling but…what does that matter, if I was dueling or not on an LTS server? It’s not a reason for team killing. This is not the first time I saw him act this way. Which is why I made this post.

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