Extreme Harassment, Toxicity and Racism on Official Classic UK #5 and Others

  • Hello everyone, for the last 3-4 days I’ve been constantly getting harassed by 2 Turks with the names “ASKER” and “Komando” who appear to be siblings. It started with them finding out I was an Armenian (Turks and Armenians have a past). At first I just tried to handle them with some people from the server supporting me to keep my sanity, but it just kept going, and kept getting more toxic as I kept silent.

    I have screenshots, when uploaded they become way too small to read, so I’ll just post cropped Puush links hoping it’s okay to do so. I do want to believe this to have surpassed the “warning” stage at this point, they think nobody cares about the official servers anymore and endlessly keep taunting me and bringing up their views on the genocide. Do keep in mind that these screenshots are after I had enough of them; after 3-4 days of them constantly doing this.

    I have kept silent and took the hits trusting in your judgement. Please do what must be done; they don’t only do this in Official Classic UK #5, but other UK and DE servers they do frequent and harass in as well.

    alt text (here Mithrandir and Mystical had enough of them too)

    alt text

    alt text (Translation: …All got slaughtered | your generation will also be killed by f’ing | you son of a bi’h | you seed of a wh’re | bastard)

    alt text (I warned them this was the last straw and that I was going to be taking screenshots. I did. Translation: Armenian seed)

    alt text (Translation: Ermeniler = Armenians)

    alt text (when I asked if there was an admin around; translation: Armenian bastard)

    alt text (here one of them admits to being racist)

    alt text (after they threaten to ban me without provocation and I decide that I’ve had enough)

    This is ASKER’s steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995682294/
    This is Komando’s: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197995459782/

    I hope their actions come with consequences.

  • Although I can’t comment I know the traits , mindsets due to often running across it in games on many t/o maps.
    I suggest you pop into the admin channel on steam or discord and give the evidence directly to any admin eu
    as timezones will match the offending players times they play aye. off course you could email the contact TB on site here also
    . both options to be considered

  • Mod

    Harassment and racism are clearly against the rules on official servers no matter how old the game is so we will be looking into this. Thanks for your report.

  • Thank you very much random428, I am glad to hear that. As per the suggestions by Wilt, I also emailed contact@tornbanner and also put the link to this into the admin official steam group. Please keep me updated.

  • This is not the first time they misbehaved. They are known for bad behaviour, thanks for providing screenshots.

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