Who are still on the Forums?

  • Mordhau comming soon :p

  • What is that? If it has archers its not going to last long at all.

  • @wilt just check it out then

  • no thank you tbh. After playing just knight since Chivalry release 0ct 2012, fovs from 90 to 105 no medieval game
    interests me with archers that can sit back spam arrows or just 1 hit kill with crossbolt? let alone do all the roh bugs
    tricks in melee with silly high fovs or in 3rd plus play on wifi purposely losing packets in combat to win. Esp since
    in proper shooting fps games the classes are usually of equal movement speed, ie in q3 you can with skill actually dodge
    rockets or enemy fire with strafe or jump strafe movement or even just swope to a rail gun to match a railer/sniper if needed.

    after 6 yrs soon I just find sniping targets who currently are half speed slower with movement ruins the genre for many.
    once they increase fovs with lower sense they get even more chances or shot/misses at a foe lumbering knight half a map
    away. Whatever Chivalry new comers offer I am quite ok with the devil I know now. A toe dip every 3 months suits me.
    Unlike Chivalry that game will be saturated with former chiv veterans on its release date, That will impact the population
    greatly esp new comers.

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