Player doing griefing and TK´ing when admin is not online for months.

  • Nickname : Bansky
    Steam : Steam profile

    Steam2 ID STEAM_0:1:125572496
    Steam3 ID (32bit) [U:1:251144993]
    Steam3 ID (64bit) 76561198211410721 (Dec)
    11000010ef82b21 (Hex)

    This screenshot was months ago(in march), he killed another friend and me and then he leaves the game, he did it again and again later , i reported to an admin but he said is not proof enough
    alt text
    27 of march
    alt text
    yesterday (translated version should be: go on fat , whore of shit, whore)
    alt text
    This was today.
    alt text
    alt text
    now again he did intentional Team damage and Team Killing, i always try to kick him when he is at 100% of team damage but he never got kicked because he says “sory, sorry, it was an accident, im new” things like that , he harass me in the game saying “fat bitch” and other insults.

  • Very crass isn’t he tbh. Why even his profile avatar on steam glares attitude of Clockwork Orange.
    is that life of brian ref. who broke my keyboard . I also suggest get another to screenshot his bs
    in a cooperative sting operation by you and them to gather evidence that he is blatanly overconfident of
    never getting caught. no doubt he does this to other players often aye.

  • Another proof
    Youtube Video

  • Spam and being kicked for griefing
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • I would suggest perhaps the console log has the chat text so it can be pasted also and translated if needed.
    atm if not a native speaker of the language its just awkward having to type out the text of each screenshot
    to translate also. Also it might be useful as a wider range of admins can see the text meaning rather then
    wait about for a native admin to your region etc.

  • This post is deleted!

  • its in the my games folder logs or main game logs i can guess atm due to not looking for a while but
    i recall opening one and it had conversation from game prior. if you bring down console in game
    its how i vote but also players chat is on mine, I think you might have to get it before launching game again
    incase it overwrites old log. Can’t find when its wanted as usual, might have to enable chat log not sure on that
    due to very lazy play 2 games a month atm

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