Fuck you ban me. Heathen Scum.

  • Super glad I didnt pay for this game. Looking through these ban appeals, you guys are overly strict assholes. Most of the bans I see here have there appeals denied on a first time offense. Hell even Bethesda gives you three. I am here because I am actively trying to get banned. The mods refuse to ban me, I am insulting, tking, being racist as all fucking hell, cursing, breaking all the rules, I am sure you have reports about me. Since the mods wont ban me, I guess I have to come here and tell you devs and admins: ban me from these shit forums, and all official servers, and if you run an unofficial and dont want me there ban me there too, hell ban me from the whole stinking game if you want. Then go kill yourselves you shitbag heathen motherfuckers

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