Banned by a player for personal issues

  • I have been playing Chivalry for YEARS and THOUSANDS of HOURS without any issues and I’ve just been banned PERMANENTLY by another player.

    I was banned yesterday 10/28/18 by a player from the “B” clan who was with his friends. He was messing around in spawn kicking people and I kicked him back “playfully” and he decided to make an example out of me so he kicked me.

    I had words with him and he banned me permanently. I believe I said something of an apology. An apology for having relations with his sister last night. This was me being funny. Not using cursewords…no racism. Just crap talking between players.

    I don’t think long time players should be banned for ever for having words with another player who happens to have admin.

    I think the admin volunteers should pay attention to keeping the server going and not defeding their own egos.

    I don’t think having admin should put you in an untouchable position so as not to get your personal feelings hurt.

    Banning player was papsi or papi from B clan.

    My info:

    steamID STEAM_0:1:740751
    steamID3 [U:1:1481503]
    steamID64 76561197961747231



  • do u mean him? 〘B〙Bwoofy

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