Admin Abuse on Official Servers

  • Dear Torn Banner, CMW Employees, or To Whom it may Concern:
    I have been playing this game since release, have almost 3000 hours, have 200 friends on steam that play this game, have gotten a good number of people to buy this game, and am a significant member of the chivalry community who has played an important role in keeping this dying game alive. I legitimately have more friends that play chivalry listed on my steam friends list (and who I almost entirely made friends with through in game mechanics, such as voice commands, and chat, some of my most reliable friends (including online and real life friends) have been made through this amazing game) than any other single player, and probably more than the next 5 after me combined. I say all this only to give more credence and weight to my following statement. The previous post, by NASTY_BUTLER, only hits on part of the problem rather than the whole. The individual he was referring to is [B] Papsi. However, Papsi (or Papso as he is commonly referred to) is not nearly the entirety of the issue here. Basically every official admin has disgustingly and tragically molted into a badmin. Years ago they were fair and reasonable (in fact all three of them used to be on my highly regarded Friends List, before I unfriended them for being toxic, mean-spirited, angry, abusive people and admins), but now, the only three that come to my mind kick and/or ban people for non-issues, personal issues, and often don’t even kick people for real issues, such as hacking. The three I am specifically talking about are [B] Papsi, [B] Butternut the Squash, and Karl. They are seriously damaging the community and often killing the official servers because people do not like playing with corrupt, abusive admins. I would recommend a few other players as replacements. Such as Speedingfish, Dennismoore, Nightchester, and maybe a few others, who have repeatedly exemplified the ideal qualities for an admin by actual time moderating their own respective servers, and who thankfully pay large fees monthly to provide the chivalry community with other servers to play on when we are forced out of the official servers, that supposedly come with the purchased game, by official admins who have become jaded, immature, megalomaniacs over the years of dealing with toxic players. I have been holding off on making this complaint for quite some time now, because I held out hope that they would return to their old-selves But alas, depressingly that is not the case. I have just been kicked by Karl for saying hello to my friends when I joined the server. I understand that he probably had a really rough day and for some reason decided to take it out on me. I rejoined, and politely stated that if he kicked me again for simply saying hello to my friends, that I would be forced to report him until his admin powers were revoked, since he seems incapable of having those powers without abusing them. I trust that TB will take the necessary action that is replacing the official admins with new, more reasonable, more just, more rule-abiding players.

    Thank you very much,
    Have a great rest of your day!

    University of Cincinnati
    Economics w. Political Science | Class of 2020
    Carl H. Lindner College of Business
    Circle of Excellence Scholar
    Business Honors | University Honors
    (513) 484-####

  • I vote up for Speedingfish , he is a cool admin and owner of a modded server

  • If you have any evidence of admin abuse you can contact Torn banner here. Or contact another moderator.

    We as moderators always gather evidence before we act. As such we have evidence as to why you were actually kicked. You didn’t just say “hi” to your friends. You know that. Yet you conveniently missed that part out.

  • the actual abusers admins will “defend” themslef with all the strenght and cinic behavior they have i find myself in the same situation of you i was the greatest player in SA in terms of skill i payed duelyards maked thousands of friends in steam by this game and i got myself banned for personal gain of a toxic admin Torn banner is just destroyng their game dont giving a flyng fuck about the players right and well being just put their admins there and they do absolutely what they want when they want and with the reason they want for example the SA admin h0ss was votekicked with 60% of TK and he banned the guy for the reason:votekick an admin is considered griefing too mutch players already reported him several times and torn banner dint do nothing

  • if the players tries to report the admin the admin is just a god he is absolutely not toxic dint do nothing wrong just used bugs team killed you three times and insulted half server in chat and the player gets GAME BANNED just for discussing with him and showing a picture of him A PUBLIC FACEBOOK PICTURE EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD could just open and see it

  • I second this thread. This issue still stands. This community does not need to be this heavily admined. The voting system does a good job of disuadding trolls.

    Leaving bans up to other players, especially the {B} members who hold their own biases is chasing away loyal fans of the game.

    I tried to speak with Papso personally and it was as bad as I thought it would be. He’s just a closed minded person. He put me in a box and was eager to come to the consclusion that I’m “just a troll” without taking any context into account.

    EXAMPLE. I tried to reference that I’ve played for many hours in order to convey that I’ve never had a complaint amongst a load of play time and he chose to interpret that as me bragging and asking for special rights.

    I called him a “glorified hall monitor” and that is exactly what he was.


  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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