TKing with unintelligible names

  • Just had a game where the other team had two teamkillers with unintelligible names so they could not get votekicked off. They stood in their spawn with mauls and just kept on attacking their allies when they spawned. Several including myself tried to kick them off but were unable to do so using the console as their names were just some squares.

    No admin was of course present.

    You should rethink how the votekick works as right now it seems very easy to exploit it and avoid getting kicked.

    The enemy team of course lost horribly.

  • Developer

    Do “votekick” in the console without any string following it. It should list every player.

    We are also implementing votekick in the scoreboard at some point to make it more intuitive.

  • Didn’t know that, will have to try it next time.


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