Admin false banning people, would like everyone to see this :L

    1st one is my ban, second is Grinch’s.

    So, im in a ffa with a friend by the name of lord grinch, and were playing having fun and this player by the name of Cunt joins and we kick him because he has over 100 ping and he has 100 ping so its hard to block his swings, well a few minutes later my friend is banned, then im banned for calling out the admin because we know this player cunt for breaking alot of rules and even recording it on his twitch… Well i got banned, and im honestly disgusted by the admin who did this too, and if you want, i can go through Cunt’s twitch and personally gyazo over 10 pictures of him breaking rules, that obviously not pointing out the fact that his name is litterally “Cunt”…

    100+ ping annoying to fight a maa, where his swings hit me before they should.

    P.s: Admin was Valind…

    Also this isnt a appeal, if i want one ill post one separately, i’m just calling out that this shouldn’t be happening on any circumstance, we did what we have been doing since day one, kicking people with over 100 ping, because they are glitchy when fighting them, and what we did, if not standing by one rule, definitely standed by another.
    He called him a stream sniper, ITS FFA not hide and seek, we arent stream sniping him lol…
    And says he uses the N word, not once in the clip do i see the N word…
    I personally think its bullshit that the admin is willing to just go off of his word, without any evidence. Sure a kick was issued, maybe because his ping is annoying. An admin would know that if they tried fighting against him on there for once, instead of just backing him up because he got kicked. OH and dont get me started on the stupid shit that “cunt” spams, because that shit is just annoying and is obviously breaking rules. I haver almost 800 hrs, and for me and my friend to be instantly banned, you can even see in his stream, as soon as the admin joins grinch is gone. And not once did “cunt” provide a piece of evidence. I wont be going through the stream and checking for the “N” word i said, because i know i didnt say it, i never have and never will and everyone who knows me knows that i dont use such a disgusting word, and for him to say that did is pure insult to think i would stoop down to his degree of patheticness. Unlike him i have a point where draw a line. He obviously doesnt, speaking he likes to spam chat with the words “jizz” and “cum”/“cumslut”
    The admin didnt take action so we did, we dont want to fight someone whos swings hit us before the animation does, or where our swings dont register on him from time to time.
    Evidence of his previous spam, wouldn’t be surprised if he did it now… But i guess we dont really need evidence to ban nowadays, because grinch was banned without a single proof of evidence, and it even is recorded by “cunt”, all we really need to do is say that something happened, and poof their gone.

    inb4 admin deletes this post…

  • Also, to add to that, Wanderer AKA “Cunt” can be seen Spreading lies about Donkey in this chat with the Global Moderator the day we got banned. the admin also added in the chat, that he banned me for Spamming the “N” word, which is incorrect and phony of him. I would like to see the Evidence of me saying any of that. “Cunt” literally goes on servers that no admin is Observing and spams words such as “JizzJizz” or “Cumslut” this is absurd and I should not be spending my night typing this out, because of speaking the truth about him. His ping was high & everyone agreed, therefore he was kicked. P.s: His own server has high ping because he can’t manage it correctly.

    Facts don’t care about Feelings Wanderer, you can’t call me a Streamsniper on a game that does not require someone to Streamsnipe. You get salty when people call you homeless, but you put yourself in a position where it’s hard for someone not to assume you are homeless, don’t go pouting to the staff, if you can’t handle a roast session in chat.

    Here is his Twitch channel here:

    Pathetic that he would dare try and get someone else banned when we have enough evidence to get him banned, but that is very unlikely, speaking of which he is besties with the Staff on here.

    Here are some of his chat logs with the Moderator 11/21/18

    Clearly Lying to the players and the Moderator to falsely get me banned. He then says he does not need proof when talking to players in-game, Saying “The Moderator takes Screenshots before Ban”

    Let me just add this too, it’s the Official Server Rules:
    Stating that if you have a high ping and/are lagging around others it affects their gameplay, there is no ping limit and a Moderator may come and deal with you, but no Moderator was on, so the Players took it into their hands to deal with the Lagger known as Wanderer AKA “Cunt” and Voted him out. If we didn’t, my Vote Kick on him would have failed. Anyone in that server can agree that Wanderer AKA “Cunt” was lagging Excessively, the Vote Kick was Valid and the ban was Bias because Wanderer and Heler are Friends.

    Here is one Screen Shot of him Spamming:

    • Reb Lord Grinch

  • Global Moderator

    When a group of friends are repeatitly votekicking the same player with a ping near 100, threatening him of ‘homeless’ because he’s playing from public places, it is votekick abuse and griefing.
    the player who was using the N word wasn’t one of you, but this one :
    may i add that Grinch was banned few days ago by another official moderator for discriminatory language.
    if you think we are abusing our powers then follow the contact link here :
    be sure to provide any useful solid evidence you have.


  • Well tbh vote abuse is vote abuse, we see a lot of it on euro servers so unless its a dire ping extremely high
    even then its not really called for esp if at the times your playing the community is short of players or server has
    still empty slots, it makes no sense to me tbh. Let alone being caught by admins or proofed screenshot is often
    not even a debatable denial. Best put this down to exp tbh, perhaps a nice crisp genuine appeal and you can move forward if your unbanned with hsight tbh.

  • @valind That’s funny coming from you, you are the most Cancerous Moderator that Torn Banner ever gave Permissions too. Calling him homeless is not Griefing, it’s friendly Banter, of course you are going to side with Wanderer on this, because you are his friend, we have Chat logs between you guys. Stop being Bias boyo.

    I was banned on a EU server for talking shit back to Brits that were Insulting me for being in America, it’s not Votekick Abuse if he has high ping and keeps joining. Did you even read the Forum Post, or are you going to continue to lie about what happened? This is true Evidence of you and “Cunt’s” Bias. He had over 110 Ping, and was glitching everywhere, that’s valid for a Votekick. knowing that you two are besties, coming to you would be useless.

    We just exposed both of you, this is not an Appeal, but just near proof that Moderators in this game are Bias and Unfair to players that don’t like them very much. Did I get banned for Votekick Abuse for someone with High Ping, or was it Racism? Or maybe it was Griefing, I guess we will never know, because you make shit up boy. Everyone is going through videos and finding out everything was Valid. For you Valind, so you can double check on the rules you are to Enforce.

    • Reb Lord Grinch

  • we were vote kick abusing? he has over 100 ping and is lagging around which by the rules can be considered excessive ping or lag, so we kicked him, but nooo yall dont think why were kicking him you just think ohh he said he was wrongfully kicked, said that grinch said the “n” word, and said we were breaking rules. Hmm maybe if you thought how we players who are actually playing the game feel about fighting some boy whos teleporting around or is glitchy when he fights. But i shouldnt suspect this from you, speaking the only time we ever see you is when “cunt” cries about getting kicked, and then lies about one of us doing something bad.

    Maybe if you actually thought before you went and banned people because your friend said some stuff, then this wouldnt have happened. But nooo your friend “cunt” said were falsly kicking him, and says that were saying the “N” word, and your quick to believe him… and even after you banned grinch you said he said the “N” word, which he never said,and i know this because he wouldnt do it while im around. Because i dont allow that the use of that word around me, even in our discord i will delete msges who use that word. I dont think this is you abusing your power, but not using your head to think. “cunt” litterally uses you like a lap dog. The moment he finds something he doesnt like or if he gets kicked for being laggy, he cries to you instantly, and hes the only one who does it from what i see. I dont see other 100+ pings crying to admins to get the 10min ban taken off and to ban the people who kicked them. We never abused votekick, Also dont ever call me a griefer. This isnt minecraft. i insulted someone in chat… Hmm maybe if you actually hopped on once in a while when your master didnt call you to unban him, then you would see everyone throws around banter at each other. I mean shit, ive had people outside of the chiv game threaten to “ddos” me because i was throwing some banter at em, when they threw some at me, difference is some are better at it than others… Please do come on from time to time and play, would love to see if your even any good at the game that you apparently “moderate”.

  • Also you call it votekick abuse, but at what point would you call a kick allowed? speaking you probably dont play the game at all, you only hop on when “cunt” calls for you. me and grinch have played for years, and have kicked people with over 100+ ping, and we have seen others do it, i mean if you THINK ABOUT IT, we cant kick him without everyone agreeing. And it was a 80% vote, so if your gonna ban us, you might as well ban the whole lobby, because we all voted to kick him because he was laggy.

  • Global Moderator

    @lord-grinch you know why you were kicked, after giving you multiple warnings about your racism and telling you to quit acting that way, harrasing people from EU telling them they are trash, you kept on going. I gave you a 24 hour kickban which i also was kind enough to tell you via steam and also how to avoid being banned for the same reason later on. You even replied to me so dont even try to tell me that you did not even know why you were banned. Try again later sometime

  • @homelesslenk You banned me after talking shit also, you were a Mod in disguise, telling me to “Shut my big mouth” Telling someone they are Trash is apart of the game, you are Bias also Len, I have not met one single Moderator that was Legit and Fair with the players. I already had this discussion with you boyo, I was roasting the shit out of you. Welcome to Chivalry, the game you never play obviously, or else you would know by now Banter is apart of the Game. Let’s see the Racism I said Len, let’s see it. You can’t provide one piece of Evidence for me being Racist either. “Trash” all you got? I totally stumped you in the Chat Logs we had also, you know absolutely nothing about Reality or nothing going on Currently so the next time you try to debate something with me, remind me that I’m talking to a Retard.

    You even put a Comment on my Profile being a Smart Ass about it, show some Professionalism.

    • Reb Lord Grinch

  • @homelesslenk maybe on your uk servers that was the case, but this is a difference server with a different occurrence, and im subject to this occurrence, one that should have never happened. Grinch didnt say the “N” word on the server, and we kicked a laggy player, and as a result the player went to his admin buddy, told em some stuff, some that is lies, and were banned. We never said the “N” word, and sure we kicked him, but with reason, speaking were the ones fighting his laggy ass, not the admin.

    Note this isnt me trying to get at you, its me only explaining the situation to you, because this is a different situation, im not here to prove your other one, but im here to prove this one simply because it was a BS call. The admin was called in the first place because we kicked the player, then the player said that grinch said the “N” word, at this point grinch is banned as soon as the admin joins the server, and the admin then proceeds to get called out by the whole lobby, because everyone voted with us to kick him, and we were the first people to kick him, not to mention many people said to kick him. Had the admin had used his brain and looked at the situation, and had just asked for some evidence, then we wouldnt be falsely banned. note that i am able to refer to what happened on the player we kicked side, due to the fact that he was streaming and you can see him contact the admin on the friends list, and then say he was kicked, and then say that grinch was using the “N” word, which he wasnt. Sure he has said some stuff in the past, but that was when i wasnt with him. This ban on us isnt under the same circumstances as the one you speak of len, so please do refrain from using that one as a point, for we didnt break any rules here, except maybe insulting if that is one, and if it is, then you might as well punish anyone on the internet, because insults/banter are used by everyone and anyone who plays games online. especially the one we kicked, who loves to talk about peoples mothers, and even i quote saying “your whore of a mother”.

    note: i take no responsibility for what my friend says here, i’m just stating the facts, and wish that something be done about this foolish incident, made without reason.

    P.s ask anyone thats knows me on NA if i use the “N” word or do i condone it, you are sure to get similar answer from most, speaking that when i see someone use it, i say woah, or call them out on it. speaking of which i think i got on someone today for saying it to me, and when he called me it, i was gonna target him till he quit, but he was quick to quit already before the next match of ffa started…

    ~ Austin ^_^

  • @valind “When a group of friends”, im sorry that im friends with everyone in the lobby, just one of my many charms, did you know i befriended half of america too while i was at it? even the ones i dont know…

    note: this is sarcasm if you didnt realise it. In a lobby of 24 people full, it takes more than half to kick a person and with 80% of players voting yes, thats most of the lobby. Also in the recording on his stream you can see you even stating that a spot has finally opened, showing that the server was full, and that we obviously kicked him probably for a person with better ping. just happened that said person left. "Threatening him of “homeless” do you know what a threat is? We assume hes homeless because he streams for hours on a computer in a coffee shop or a sonic restaurant…
    Also let me state that me and grinch arent the only ones to say such things, and if anything we went lightly on him, because ive seen people open up a whole roast session on him with the whole lobby… Hes just lucky it was only 4 of us throwing the same insult which is a obvious one speaking he shows to have no home except those stores hes in constantly.

  • Banned

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  • @alucard-3 said in Admin false banning people, would like everyone to see this :L:

    more funny part is the cancer admins dont even have arguments to defend themselfs

    They do, but i guess you know everything…

  • @sofia-lannister

    glad they know when to stop and leave it…
    Too bad they don’t know where to start though…

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