Requesting accont deletion

  • Hello,
    I would like this forum account to be deleted. According to the ‘Your Rights & Consent’ menu, there should be a possibility to fully delete this account (while keeping my posts on here - I’d be ok with that), however, I don’t see any possibility in my account settings to do so myself.

    Therefore I have two questions:
    Fristly, does anyone know how I could delete my account myself?
    Secondly, if that is not possible, could anyone who is able to please delete this account fully?
    I’ve noticed a guy asking for the same thing a few topics below and he got banned, but his account his still there. I’m looking for a real deletion though.


  • Global Moderator

    @acolyteofpgg, because of GDPR you should be able to request a full deletion, Hower I’m not sure if your posts will stay or not but Please contact TBS through their contact page here:

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