Permanent BAN From EVERY SERVER because of a mistake.

  • Hi guys, yesterday my girlfriend was playing the game when she got banned from a low level server where she was playing with her account, that uses my game copy.
    Today i tried to play in another official server for higher ranks with my main account, but i could not, because i got banned even on those servers.
    Literally five minutes ago i noticed that my account was permanently banned from ALL servers, because i was CHEATING.
    What does it mean? I spent 20€ to buy it, and now i cant play. Can you please help me to solve the problem?

  • The solution was actually very simple, you should have listened to the warnings of the admin and stop playing on low rank servers. You are not banned for cheating but for smurfing and ban evasion (playing on low ranked servers while banned). Unfortunately this means you cannot appeal your ban.

  • Sorry but i cant understand what you’re saying. I only played on official 3v3 servers after the ban from low rank ones. Then someone banned me even on those. Why?

  • Well unfortunately your “girlfriend” was smurfing at your place previous Sunday and was warned she would be banned if she continued. The next day she sneaked behind your computer and played on low ranks again. Also did you know she made an account just to smurf with your family share? If I were you I would have a good talk with your “girlfriend” because it’s not how one should behave.

    On a sidenote:
    Steam clearly warns you about family sharing: You will be held accountable for your family shared games! If your brother/sister/friend/uncle/burglar decides to break the rules on a computer you gave access to, you will be held responsible for their actions!

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