Banned permanently from main account for family sharing smurfing

  • Hi,my brother has been banned from the game for smurfing but the message I received tonight on MY Steam says that I’m banned for cheating.Well I never cheated on this game neither smurfed on low ranks so I don’t understand this. I’d like to have an explanation of this behavior since I can understand his alt account (family sharing) being banned but why do I have to be excluded completely to for his cocky conduct? I don’t care if he has been banned and he will never touch my computer again since I said him many time to stop playing around in smurf servers because he could’ve been banned from all the game servers but is there something we can do for my account?

  • The solution was actually very simple, you should have listened to the warnings of the admin and stop playing on low rank servers. You are not banned for cheating but for smurfing and ban evasion (playing on low ranked servers while banned). Unfortunately this means you cannot appeal your ban.

  • Are you sure? 0_1544194076087_Immagine.png

    This is not actually very clear

    Why have you banned my account too? Yes sometimes Family Sharing is used by the same user again and again to smurf in low ranks server BUT sometimes it’s ACTUALLY a Family Sharing so why ban all the accounts related?

    Why are you talking about smurfing and ban evasion when that clearly says “banned for cheating”?

    Also I don’t know that well how does it work but how could my brother play in low ranked servers WHILE banned? He played a bit in official servers after the low rank ban since he’s high level but you banned him (and me) anyway so the warnings were just fake lol.

  • Steam clearly warns you about family sharing: You will be held accountable for your family shared games! If your brother/sister/friend/uncle/burglar decides to break the rules on a computer you gave access to, you will be held responsible for their actions!

    Now on to the real issue, it wasn’t your brother who was playing it was you. Instead of listening to the given warning you thought it was a good idea to just continue playing on low rank servers.

  • It’s quite funny how you bypassed the questions random accusing me and repeating the same stuff I have already bird-dogged. Now I can better understand the criteria used to ban people in this community so thanks for that.

    Regarding the family sharing, Steam could say what it want but I don’t think that this authorizes TB to global ban everybody just because one smurfed. Instead of going all Charles Bronson you should treat appropriately every single case and do what’s right.

  • I do my best to make this a single case but you are reacting like every other smurf we catch red handed.

    1. You play on low rank servers with a family share of a fake account
    2. Get warned/banned from a low rank server
    3. Continue playing on low rank servers and act surprised when both (fake) accounts get banned
    4. Create an unoriginal fairy tale on the forums (blaming someone else) instead of an honest appeal

    Hope some other smurfs read this and realize it’s best to play on normal servers, other than that this topic has no use on the forums so I will lock it for now. If you feel an admin has abused his/her powers you can use the contact page to reach TB, make sure you provide some solid evidence.

    On a side-note for players who are truly family sharing:
    Watch out who you lend your games to, you are responsible for their actions! Also make sure they join regular servers instead of low rank ones.

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