Hows the Player Base like?

  • So since the game has been readded to the Store how many people still play?
    I been on PC Chiv for awhile and apart from some fun and funny Mods there is just no social S***. I miss playing with me buds on Xbox Chiv. D;

    (i fully understand someone may not even respond to this LMAO)

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    im not sure if you want to play on xbox or you want to be social on chiv on pc, but if you want to chat with a lot of people and have some fun, i would highly suggest playing on official ffa servers.
    And im not really sure about how many people play on Xbox but you could find out if you hop on if you are able to :)

  • I play on UK FFA Servers from time to time. But Funny enough barely anyone on there are British. Mainly German or French lol. Albeit they do speak good English. Also…i’ve been kicked from so many servers on PC just for playing Good but being a low level. They think i’m a smerf and then because my steam account is private they tell everyone to kick me -shrug- keeps happening too :D lmao

    UK FFA is cool though, when the Friendly Peeps are on atleast ;P

    ( i think all other Official FFA Servers are either American or German)

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